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 Batch Coding Machine

High Speed Batch Coding Machine HSLC 200 For Labels


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It is mandatory for manufacturers of packaged goods to code information's like Batch No., Date of Mfg., Expiry Date, Prices & other statutory information on various pickings, PCS Coding Machines are the best options for Coding on plastic, HDPE bottles, pouches, tin containers, woven sacks, paper etc. The machine is compact & consistent in printing quality. It is easy to install & operate & has rugged powder coated metal body.
ModelHSLC- 200
SubstrateLabels / Pouches
Max. Substrate size (mm)204 * 154
Min. Substrate size (mm)50 * 16
Supply Voltage3Ø 440 V ac ± 10 %, 180 W
Printing Area6 to 8 lines ( 57 * 200 mm)
Printing Speed125 / 180/ 250 imprints/ min.
Prints usingEasily Changeable grooved/ flat, rubber/ nylon stereos
Inking MediumRechargeable liquid ink cartridge/ lapping roller for paste
Printing MediumQuick drying ink/ Paste (Black, Violet, Red, Green, etc.)
Impressions15,000imp. per 20 ml. charge / 10,000 per 10 gm. Paste
Geared Motor400/ 440 Volts 3 Phase ¼ H.P.136 RPM geared head motor
Weight85 Kg (Approx.)
- It is electro mechanical fully automatic high speed coding system. - Once stacks the labels / cartons in order on sloping plane tray (Dispenser) for feeding. - Its automatically Packed up by rubber friction insert, fed to printing one by one via guide