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Hand Induction Sealer SPSIS 100


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Induction Sealer is mainly applicable to capping operation of non- metal bottleneck (i. E. Plastics, glass) which features of flat threaded cap, but not applicable to capping operation of metal & non-threaded pressing cap, cap with ?20-135diameter and active handle, high cap with over 3 mm spacing between cap surface & bottleneck after screwed in, especially, Induction Sealer is suitable for the customers who Carrying out continuous capping operation for small output.
Model No.SPSIS 100
Voltage 220v, 50Hz
Heal Dimension (mm)20-135
Delivering SpeedN/A
Vessel HeightAbsoluteness
Dimension in mm (L*W*H)340*290*150
Capacity0-100 pcs./Min.
- Useful for easy transportation & storage. - Simple usage with high efficiency. - Low energy consumption & labour saving. - Protect product from dust, moisture, surface damage & pilferage.